Clients Ask CPAs for a Custom Approach

This week's Bottom Line, we speak with veterinarian Dr. Deseree Brown. Dr. Brown was asked what she expects from her CPA.

"I expect my CPA to be available," said Dr. Brown. "I expect them to be accountable when I ask them questions and not to always direct me to their assistants.

" be able to give us estimates whenever we're about to make big purchases, to not just tell us which one they think would be the best but to actually show us on a spreadsheet which purchases can help the most at the end of the year.

"It could always be better, in my opinion. I feel like accountants, for the most part, are very numbers driven people and very detail oriented and they don't have a lot of relationship experience. I feel like if they would take a little bit of time to get to know where we live, what we do, what other kinds of accounts we have besides just our business, they would be able to make better recommendations on how we should handle certain situations."

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