Tax Research Source at No Cost

It's the fourth quarter of the year so it's time to talk about next year. We went to Sidney Kess, CPA, tax mastermind, to get his thoughts on how you can prepare with tax research.

"The thing you should realize, research has changed," said Sidney Kess, CPA, senior consultant of Citrin Cooperman and of counsel for Kostelanetz & Fink. "With new technology, you're not using print products anymore. And a lot of the material, you don't even have to pay for. The Joint Committee, for example, publishes a general explanation of the tax law. No sooner is bill passed, the people who wrote the law come out with a general explanation of the Joint Committee on the new tax legislation. You get all of this material for nothing.

"The part that I think is very important is no one is going to do the reading for you. The person who takes the time to master these new changes is the one who is the leader in the field."

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